Thursday, September 8, 2016

Just Disappointed

Amulet for the NHC Institute (thanks, Noam).  Archival ink and watercolor, 2016.

And He Wasn't There

At the NHC Institute in 2016, our puppetry class (thanks, Yavni) wrote and produced lost stories of the desert.  Meet a wayfaring girl, and a ghostly figure swallowed up by the earth.  Corrugated plastic, 2016.


It's not calligraphy, but... ooh, shadow puppets.

Oops; We Named Him

For Purim 5776 I gave myself a writing assignment, and a writing assignment.  "Chapter 11:  Amalek Awakens" (complete with study guide).  Marker, poster, foam, and metallic Crayolas, 2016.




Wednesday, September 7, 2016

A Fine Something

A ketubah for the very handsomest grooms.  Archival ink and watercolor, 2015.

Happy Beard Mitzvah

No ordinary life cycle events, nor ordinary invitations, for my sister and brother-in-law.  Perish the thought.  Paper/digital, 2015.

This bit wasn't commissioned.  It just needed to exist.

As a Seal

At the 2015 NHC Institute, I tried my hand at paper-cutting.  (Thank you, Susan Leviton.)  I couldn't leave letters behind.  Assorted paper, 2015.


The Orange Menace (Writing Only)

A friend painted this for her brother's wedding, and commissioned me for the lettering.  Archival ink, 2015.